The Golden Gate Bridge

When you think of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge can’t help but some to mind. It is a landmark among a city full of landmarks and holds its own in majestic fashion. The symbol of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge and its auspicious red paint are memory makers for visitors and locals alike.

The idea was spawned during the gold rush in an effort to give miners more access to San Francisco. The plan itself didn’t come to fruition until decades later, after the country had taken a toll during the Great Depression. As an effort to help citizens with work and access, the San Francisco Bank agreed to adopt the entire project’s funding.

The Golden Gate Bridge, called a 35 million dollar steel harp by the San Francisco Chronicle, opened in May of 1937 and was the longest bridge in the world at that time. As Joseph B. Strauss was the engineer with the vision and an accomplished poet, he created a piece specifically about the bridge at its completion called “The Mighty Task is Done.”

The Golden Gate Bridge is still in the top ten of the world’s largest suspension bridges and is an attraction to behold. Walk or ride across this slice of history the next time you are in San Francisco.

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