Shorewood Early Learning

ID# 000739
651 Deerwood Dr.
Shorewood, IL 60404
United States
815-725-7878 (Main Phone)
Mon. - Fri.; 6:15 a.m. - 6:00 p.m./Sat. - Sun.; CLOSED
Shorewood Early Learning Daycare Center is a privately owned full-time daycare center owned by Sandra Seemann. The center is open Monday - Friday 6:15am to 6:00pm. There is a full day kindergarten from September through May with school age class during the summer months. Sandra Seemann began the business as a home daycare in 1985. In 1990 she moved the daycare into a rented facility in Shorewood with the capacity of 50 children ranging from 6 weeks old through 12 years old. In September of 1995 the daycare was moved into a building designed and built for Sandra Seemann. The capacity of the is 114 children ranging from the age of 6 weeks though 8 years old. Presently, our staff consists of a full time director, seven teachers, eight aides, a cook and a maintenance man. Four of our teachers are director qualified and fill in as needed. The director has an Associates Degree in Early Childhood and is currently working on getting her IDC (Illinois Directors Credential). The kindergarten teacher has a BA in Education, and is state certified. The other teachers have 60 hours of college credit with at least 6 hours in early childhood. The teachers who are director qualified have at least 18 hours in early childhood. All the staff are required to attend 15 hours of service classes each year. The staff ratios are: Infants 4-1, Toddlers 5-1, 2 year olds 8-1, 3-4-5 year olds 10-1, and kindergarten 20-1. Currently, all of our rooms (except infants and kindergarten) have double these numbers with an aide assisting the teacher. These are state-regulated ratios. Shorewood Early Learning Daycare is licensed by the State of Illinois. The Shorewood Early Learning Daycare center considers its program to be of high quality. Each teacher designs their lesson plans to fit the childrens developmental needs. There is a tremendous amount if care and concern to meet the child's needs no matter what the age level. This organization also strives to communicate with parents to make sure that their concerns and needs are being meet. Balanced, nutritious meals are prepared and served on site. The facility also includes a large area for indoor and outdoor play. Stop by and check us out at 651 Deerwood Drive in Shorewood, Illinois.
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