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At we offer an affiliate program that gives our users a way to earn some extra cash by promoting this site. You will receive commissions from qualified paid referrals. Each time you refer someone who purchases a listing and checks out using your referral code you will earn a commission. That's right we will pay you a monthly commission for as longs as they are a paying customer.

We offer two types of affiliates opportunities. City Ambassador and City Promoter. A City Ambassador is someone who will go out into their city and actively promote the city by managing and maintaining relationships with local business, organizations, and people. As a City Ambassador, you are responsible for entering data into the website about everything that's going on in the city you represent. It takes dedication, consistency and a love for helping others to build a marketable website that drives both visitor traffic, ad placements and happy users. The City Ambassador Agreement is developed to help you understand your responsibilities and help us to give you the support you need to help you be successful. Join our team and help us grow. A City Promoter is someone who promotes the website as a resource and a tool as needed. The City Promoter is not responsible for entering data into the website or business and sales but is simply someone who loves their city and want to help promote it.

If you are interested in joining our team please fill out the form below and we will contact you with 72 hours.
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