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AroundMyHometown.com is an online directory created to highlight local Businesses and Events. Helping people find everything that is happening in their own backyards is our passion. Globalism and major online platforms like Facebook and Google algorithms are now making it very difficult for local people to promote their events, Advertise their businesses and sell their products locally. It is now much easier to know whats happening halfway around the world than in your own city/town. The big events and big businesses have the resources to get the attention of the media to help them get the word out, but, what do you do if you are a small community or home-based business owner trying to grow your customer base or need to promote a local event? That's where AroundMyHometown.com comes in. Connecting Communities and keeping everyone in the loop is our number one priority. Everyone deserves to know.

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My name is John and after moving my family to our current city, I found that even after a few years we knew very little about our new city. We had no idea that so many wonderful things were happening all around us. Sure, we knew about the blockbuster events and mega-sales, but the nice coffee shops and specialty stores weren’t on our media-saturated radar. So this is why I created AroundMyHometown.com. I wanted to simply give people like my family the advantage of knowing what's happening around them in a fast, easy and unique way. Our website is packed with features to keep you fully aware of your surroundings and environment. Just bookmark our site and check in as often as you can as we work hard to bring you everything you need to know about every event, business and local happening right in your city. 
 For Event Planners, Business Owners and People That Do Stuff

How do you get the word out to the people who want what you have but don’t know that you exist? How do you promote to those people who would love to be at the event but your current method of advertising doesn't reach them? Our passion is helping people - community businesses and organizations get the word out in a big way. We love to let people know what’s happening all around them in their very own communities. We have developed a solution to the problem of giving you time to focus on making your business or event be the best it can be, while at the same time, letting people know about your business or event. 

If you are interested in learning more about what we can do for you, I urge you to explore our website or contact me directly at info@aroundmyhometown.com

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